Maki Morishita 森下真樹

I found someone today – a dancer Maki Morishita.

This setting of space / camera positions!

Her challenging creative thinking & sense of humour made my day.

More works can been seen at her site.

Kumi Machida 町田久美

Her work magnetized me.

One of those experience doesn’t happen often when you are just browsing at a bookshop.

This sinister quality on round baby-like bodies in the simplest manner.

Kind of thing gives you a bit of shiver with pleasure.



Flying Start by Gendai Bijyutsu Nitouhei

1207They must’ve created this for Olympic? They put this for Jul’s page on their web.

One is on flying start by casting off his own skin at cicadas’ (creature of summer) Olympic.

Can’t help from giggling again.

Thank you again, Gendai Bijyutsu Nitouhei.

Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker by Andrew Lewicki


Louis Vuitton is everybody’s favourite to play with and global common language.

This work by Andrew Lewicki doesn’t need a word to make people smile. Not any other logo but Louis Vuitton.

I mentioned about Louis Vuitton pattern printed bin-liner. This is the same principle – bringing the brand down to normal daily life.

This is the artist’s site.

Ryan Gander

Ryan GanderThis sweet looking used condom is curved all in one piece of wood with the wardrobe.

I witnessed one wood crack going through from the wardrobe to the condom at Lisson Gallery.

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