Maki Morishita 森下真樹

I found someone today – a dancer Maki Morishita.

This setting of space / camera positions!

Her challenging creative thinking & sense of humour made my day.

More works can been seen at her site.

my loving neighbourhood under the sun

This is only one example of shoe related sceneries in my loving neighbourhood caught my eye  under the aggressive sun rays.

I cherish this treasure zone we live in!


Daito Manabe again!

His talent doesn’t know where to end. His work is always raw and unpretentious.

That’s why I love and admire him.

We can see this work at Ueno Art Gallery from 6 Sep.

This one is made by Daito Manabe & Satoru Higa.

Keiichi Hirooka

Found a photographer who dedicated his work / life to red light districts. The first one was taken in my loving neighbour red light district around 1950. This area magnetises people including myself.





会田 誠 Aida Makoto


He’s one of those who can say fuck off to collectors and curators, who never will be their pet.

I spent good 3 hours at his pretty big exhibition admiring his courage to show the very dark side, his intelligence and more than anything, his sense of time.





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